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Allegro CL version 9.0
This page is new in 9.0.


Arguments: cg-configuration

When the value of this configuration option is true, then if pop-up-menu is called while any mouse button is down, the menu will not appear until all mouse buttons have been released. The pop-up menu code does this by simply calling wait-for-mouse-buttons-up before showing the menu. When nil, there is no delay.

The default value is nil on Windows and true on GTK (Linux and Mac). On GTK, we have not found a way to prevent a mouse button release event from selecting an item on a pop-up menu that was invoked while a mouse button is down. That behavior can lead to the user not seeing the menu altogether, or even selecting an arbitrary item if the menu is placed under the mouse cursor but does not appear until the mouse button has already been released. By defaulting this option to true on GTK, the menu will not appear while any mouse buttons are down, and therefore a mouse button up event will never select an item. You could set this option to nil if you would rather be able to select an item more quickly on mouse button up.

This option does not appear on the IDE's Options dialog, but could be set to nil programmatically with the following form:

(setf (delay-pop-up-menus-until-mouse-buttons-up
        (configuration *system*))

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This page is new in the 9.0 release.
Created 2019.8.20.

Allegro CL version 9.0
This page is new in 9.0.