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Allegro CL version 8.2
New since 8.2 release.


Arguments: &key method certificate key certificate-password method verify max-depth ca-file ca-directory ciphers crl-check crl-file (prefer-server-cipher-order t)

This function was added by a patch (to versions 8.2 and 9.0) released in April, 2014. You must have updated (with sys:update-allegro or related technique) to use this function.

This function creates and returns an SSL context object (an instance of the class excl::ssl-context) suitable for use as the value of the context keyword argument to make-ssl-server-stream.

The context has values for all relevant arguments. For the arguments method, ciphers, verify, max-depth, and prefer-server-cipher-order, specifying a value in a call to make-ssl-server-stream which is also passed a context object as the value of the context argument causes the associated argument value to be local to that connection (i.e. the specified argument value overrides the value in the context object). The value for the arguments certificate, key, ca-file, ca-directory, certificate-password, crl-file, and crl-check cannot be overridden when a context is provided. It is an error to supply a context and values for any of those arguments.

The keyword arguments are:

See socket.htm for information on sockets. For information on Secure Sockets, see the section Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in that document.

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This page is new in the 8.2 release.
Created 2016.6.21.

Allegro CL version 8.2
New since 8.2 release.