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Allegro CL version 8.2
This page is new in 8.2.


Arguments: ide-configuration

This IDE configuration option determines whether to check at IDE startup time for any IDE tool windows that lie partly or totally outside the available space, and if so to move those windows fully into view. (The available space is the single IDE parent window when use-ide-parent-window is true, and the whole screen otherwise.)

Normally this check is not needed because the IDE saves its window positions separately for each different screen size that is used. But this option's value is true by default, to check just in case something has gone awry.

Shifting all IDE windows into view might be undesirable if the screen size is not being reported correctly by the underlying windowing system. We have seen this happen on a multiple monitor machine that reported the full virtual screen size that includes all monitors as being only as large as the primary monitor. That caused any IDE windows that were left on the secondary monitor to be moved onto the primary monitor at IDE startup. That can be avoided by setting this option to nil.

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This page is new in the 8.2 release.
Created 2016.6.21.

Allegro CL version 8.2
This page is new in 8.2.