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  ANSI Common Lisp   26 Glossary   26.1 Glossary


n.  an object used for selection during retrieval. See association list, property list, and hash table. Also, see Section 17.1 Sequence Concepts.

n.  1. a symbol the home package of which is the keyword package. 2. any symbol, usually but not necessarily in the keyword package, that is used as an identifying marker in keyword-style argument passing. See lambda. 3. Idiom. a lambda list keyword.

keyword parameter:
n.  A parameter for which a corresponding keyword argument is optional. (There is no such thing as a required keyword argument.) If the argument is not supplied, a default value is used. See also supplied-p parameter.

keyword/value pair:
n.  two successive elements (a keyword and a value, respectively) of a property list.

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