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Allegro CL version 10.1
Moderate update since the initial 10.1 release.
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This variable lists space-associated functions which, when hidden, make the flat space profile output easier to interpret. The value may also be t. You can modify this list at any time to control the display detail. Setting the list to nil means all functions not considered as associated with a package listed in *hidden-packages* will be used for display. Setting the value of this variable to t causes the initial, default list of space functions to be hidden. The function prof:show-all causes this variable to be set to nil.

Because the default list may change faster than the documentation is updated, we do not give it here. To find the default, look at the value of the variable in a fresh Lisp.

You can add a single function (in this example, named by the symbol foo) to the list with the following form:

(push 'foo *hidden-space-functions*)

You can remove a single function with the form:

(setq prof:*hidden-space-functions* (delete 'foo *hidden-space-functions*))

This variable only affects display of runtime analyzer data, not the collection of data. If you want to see more or less, redisplay after resetting this and other runtime analyzer display variables as desired.

The value of this variable and the other profiler runtime analyzer variables, *hidden-functions*, *hidden-packages*, *significance-threshold*, and *fractional-significance-threshold*, can be reset to their initial values by reset-profiler-display-defaults.

See runtime-analyzer.htm for general information on the runtime analyzer.

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Allegro CL version 10.1
Moderate update since the initial 10.1 release.
10.0 version