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  1 Introduction   1.4 Definitions   1.4.1 Notational Conventions Objects with Multiple Notations Use of the Dot Character

The dot appearing by itself in an expression such as

(item1 item2 tail)

means that tail represents a list of objects at the end of a list. For example,

(A B C (D E F))

is notationally equivalent to:

(A B C D E F)

Although dot is a valid constituent character in a symbol, no standardized symbols contain the character dot, so a period that follows a reference to a symbol at the end of a sentence in this document should always be interpreted as a period and never as part of the symbol's name. For example, within this document, a sentence such as "This sample sentence refers to the symbol car." refers to a symbol whose name is "CAR" (with three letters), and never to a four-letter symbol "CAR."

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