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Allegro CL
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  3 Evaluation and Compilation   3.2 Compilation   3.2.2 Compilation Semantics Compiler Macros Naming of Compiler Macros

Compiler macros may be defined for function names that name macros as well as functions.

Compiler macro definitions are strictly global. There is no provision for defining local compiler macros in the way that macrolet defines local macros. Lexical bindings of a function name shadow any compiler macro definition associated with the name as well as its global function or macro definition.

Note that the presence of a compiler macro definition does not affect the values returned by functions that access function definitions (e.g., fboundp) or macro definitions (e.g., macroexpand). Compiler macros are global, and the function compiler-macro-function is sufficient to resolve their interaction with other lexical and global definitions.

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