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  ANSI Common Lisp   22 Printer   22.3 Formatted Output   22.3.2 FORMAT Radix Control Tilde D: Decimal

An arg, which should be an integer, is printed in decimal radix. ~D will never put a decimal point after the number.

~mincolD uses a column width of mincol; spaces are inserted on the left if the number requires fewer than mincol columns for its digits and sign. If the number doesn't fit in mincol columns, additional columns are used as needed.

~mincol,padcharD uses padchar as the pad character instead of space.

If arg is not an integer, it is printed in ~A format and decimal base.

The @ modifier causes the number's sign to be printed always; the default is to print it only if the number is negative. The : modifier causes commas to be printed between groups of digits; commachar may be used to change the character used as the comma. comma-interval must be an integer and defaults to 3. When the : modifier is given to any of these directives, the commachar is printed between groups of comma-interval digits.

Thus the most general form of ~D is ~mincol,padchar,commachar,comma-intervalD.

~D binds *print-escape* to false, *print-radix* to false, *print-base* to 10, and *print-readably* to false.

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