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Allegro CL
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  ANSI Common Lisp   22 Printer   22.2 The Lisp Pretty Printer   22.2.1 Pretty Printer Concepts Format Directive Interface

The primary interface to operations for dynamically determining the arrangement of output is provided through the functions and macros of the pretty printer. The next figure shows the defined names related to pretty printing.

Defined names related to pretty printing.
*print-lines* pprint-dispatch pprint-pop
*print-miser-width* pprint-exit-if-list-exhausted pprint-tab
*print-pprint-dispatch* pprint-fill pprint-tabular
*print-right-margin* pprint-indent set-pprint-dispatch
copy-pprint-dispatch pprint-linear write
format pprint-logical-block
formatter pprint-newline

The next figure identifies a set of format directives which serve as an alternate interface to the same pretty printing operations in a more textually compact form.

Format directives related to Pretty Printing
~I ~W ~<...~:>
~:T ~/.../ ~_

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