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  ANSI Common Lisp   19 Filenames   19.3 Logical Pathnames

19.3.1 Syntax of Logical Pathname Namestrings

The syntax of a logical pathname namestring is as follows. (Note that unlike many notational descriptions in this document, this is a syntactic description of character sequences, not a structural description of objects.)

logical-pathname::= [host host-marker]
[relative-directory-marker] {directory directory-marker}*
[name] [type-marker type [version-marker version]]

host::= word

directory::= word | wildcard-word | wild-inferiors-word

name::= word | wildcard-word

type::= word | wildcard-word

version::= pos-int | newest-word | wildcard-version

host-marker - a colon.

relative-directory-marker - a semicolon.

directory-marker - a semicolon.

type-marker - a dot.

version-marker - a dot.

wild-inferiors-word - The two character sequence "**" (two asterisks).

newest-word - The six character sequence "newest" or the six character sequence "NEWEST".

wildcard-version - an asterisk.

wildcard-word - one or more asterisks, uppercase letters, digits, and hyphens, including at least one asterisk, with no two asterisks adjacent.

word - one or more uppercase letters, digits, and hyphens.

pos-int - a positive integer.  Additional Information about Parsing Logical Pathname Namestrings

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