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Allegro CL
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  ANSI Common Lisp   21 Streams   21.1 Stream Concepts

21.1.3 Stream Arguments to Standardized Functions

The operators in the next figure accept stream arguments that might be either open or closed streams.

Operators that accept either Open or Closed Streams
broadcast-stream-streams file-author pathnamep
close file-namestring probe-file
compile-file file-write-date rename-file
compile-file-pathname host-namestring streamp
concatenated-stream-streams load synonym-stream-symbol
delete-file logical-pathname translate-logical-pathname
directory merge-pathnames translate-pathname
directory-namestring namestring truename
dribble open two-way-stream-input-stream
echo-stream-input-stream open-stream-p two-way-stream-output-stream
echo-stream-ouput-stream parse-namestring wild-pathname-p
ed pathname with-open-file
enough-namestring pathname-match-p

The operators in the next figure accept stream arguments that must be open streams.

Operators that accept Open Streams only
clear-input output-stream-p read-char-no-hang
clear-output peek-char read-delimited-list
file-length pprint read-line
file-position pprint-fill read-preserving-whitespace
file-string-length pprint-indent stream-element-type
finish-output pprint-linear stream-external-format
force-output pprint-logical-block terpri
format pprint-newline unread-char
fresh-line pprint-tab with-open-stream
get-output-stream-string pprint-tabular write
input-stream-p prin1 write-byte
interactive-stream-p princ write-char
listen print write-line
make-broadcast-stream print-object write-string
make-concatenated-stream print-unreadable-object y-or-n-p
make-echo-stream read yes-or-no-p
make-synonym-stream read-byte
make-two-way-stream read-char

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