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  ANSI Common Lisp   15 Arrays   15.1 Array Concepts

15.1.2 Specialized Arrays

An array can be a general array, meaning each element may be any object, or it may be a specialized array, meaning that each element must be of a restricted type.

The phrasing "an array specialized to type <<type>>" is sometimes used to emphasize the element type of an array. This phrasing is tolerated even when the <<type>> is t, even though an array specialized to type t is a general array, not a specialized array.

The next figure lists some defined names that are applicable to array creation, access, and information operations.

General Purpose Array-Related Defined Names
adjust-array array-has-fill-pointer-p make-array
adjustable-array-p array-in-bounds-p svref
aref array-rank upgraded-array-element-type
array-dimension array-rank-limit upgraded-complex-part-type
array-dimension-limit array-row-major-index vector
array-dimensions array-total-size vector-pop
array-displacement array-total-size-limit vector-push
array-element-type fill-pointer vector-push-extend  Array Upgrading  Required Kinds of Specialized Arrays

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