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Allegro CL
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  ANSI Common Lisp   7 Objects   7.6 Generic Functions and Methods

7.6.3 Agreement on Parameter Specializers and Qualifiers

Two methods are said to agree with each other on parameter specializers and qualifiers if the following conditions hold:

  • 1. Both methods have the same number of required parameters. Suppose the parameter specializers of the two methods are P1,1 ... P1,n and P2,1 ... P2,n.

  • 2. For each 1 <= i <= n, P1,i agrees with P2,i. The parameter specializer P1,i agrees with P2,i if P1,i and P2,i are the same class or if P1,i=(eql object1), P2,i=(eql object2), and (eql object1 object2). Otherwise P1,i and P2,i do not agree.

  • 3. The two lists of qualifiers are the same under equal.

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