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Allegro CL
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  ANSI Common Lisp   3 Evaluation and Compilation

3.4 Lambda Lists

A lambda list is a list that specifies a set of parameters (sometimes called lambda variables) and a protocol for receiving values for those parameters.

There are several kinds of lambda lists.

What Kind of Lambda Lists to Use
Context Kind of Lambda List
defun form ordinary lambda list
defmacro form macro lambda list
lambda expression ordinary lambda list
flet local function definition ordinary lambda list
labels local function definition ordinary lambda list
handler-case clause specification ordinary lambda list
restart-case clause specification ordinary lambda list
macrolet local macro definition macro lambda list
define-method-combination ordinary lambda list
define-method-combination :arguments option define-method-combination arguments lambda list
defstruct :constructor option boa lambda list
defgeneric form generic function lambda list
defgeneric method clause specialized lambda list
defmethod form specialized lambda list
defsetf form defsetf lambda list
define-setf-expander form macro lambda list
deftype form deftype lambda list
destructuring-bind form destructuring lambda list
define-compiler-macro form macro lambda list
define-modify-macro form define-modify-macro lambda list

The next figure lists some defined names that are applicable to lambda lists.

Defined names applicable to lambda lists
lambda-list-keywords lambda-parameters-limit

3.4.1  Ordinary Lambda Lists
3.4.2  Generic Function Lambda Lists
3.4.3  Specialized Lambda Lists
3.4.4  Macro Lambda Lists
3.4.5  Destructuring Lambda Lists
3.4.6  Boa Lambda Lists
3.4.7  Defsetf Lambda Lists
3.4.8  Deftype Lambda Lists
3.4.9  Define-modify-macro Lambda Lists
3.4.10  Define-method-combination Arguments Lambda Lists
3.4.11  Syntactic Interaction of Documentation Strings and Declarations

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