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Allegro CL
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  ANSI Common Lisp   16 Strings

16.2 Dictionary of Strings

16.2.1  string
16.2.2  base-string
16.2.3  simple-string
16.2.4  simple-base-string
16.2.5  simple-string-p
16.2.6  char, schar
16.2.7  string
16.2.8  string-upcase, string-downcase, string-capitalize, nstring-upcase, nstring-downcase, nstring-capitalize
16.2.9  string-trim, string-left-trim, string-right-trim
16.2.10  string=, string/=, string<, string>, string<=, string>=, string-equal, string-not-equal, string-lessp, string-greaterp, string-not-greaterp, string-not-lessp
16.2.11  stringp
16.2.12  make-string

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