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  ANSI Common Lisp   15 Arrays   15.2 Dictionary of Arrays

15.2.30 vector-pop Function

vector-pop vector    element

Arguments and Values:
vector - a vector with a fill pointer.

element - an object.

Decreases the fill pointer of vector by one, and retrieves the element of vector that is designated by the new fill pointer.

 (vector-push (setq fable (list 'fable))
              (setq fa (make-array 8
                                   :fill-pointer 2
                                   :initial-element 'sisyphus)))  2 
 (fill-pointer fa)  3 
 (eq (vector-pop fa) fable)  true
 (vector-pop fa)   SISYPHUS 
 (fill-pointer fa)  1 

Side Effects:
The fill pointer is decreased by one.

Affected By:
The value of the fill pointer.

Exceptional Situations:
An error of type type-error is signaled if vector does not have a fill pointer.

If the fill pointer is zero, vector-pop signals an error of type error.

See Also:
vector-push, vector-push-extend, fill-pointer

Allegro CL Implementation Details:

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