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  ANSI Common Lisp   4 Types and Classes   4.4 Dictionary of Types and Classes

4.4.22 values Type Specifier

Compound Type Specifier Kind:

Compound Type Specifier Syntax:
(values value-typespec)

value-typespec::= {typespec}* [&optional {typespec}*] [&rest typespec] [&allow-other-keys]

Compound Type Specifier Arguments:
typespec - a type specifier.

Compound Type Specifier Description:
This type specifier can be used only as the value-type in a function type specifier or a the special form. It is used to specify individual types when multiple values are involved. The &optional and &rest markers can appear in the value-type list; they indicate the parameter list of a function that, when given to multiple-value-call along with the values, would correctly receive those values.

The symbol * may not be among the value-types.

The symbol values is not valid as a type specifier; and, specifically, it is not an abbreviation for (values).

Allegro CL Implementation Details:

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