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Allegro CL
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  ANSI Common Lisp   25 Environment   25.2 Dictionary of Environment

25.2.30 user-homedir-pathname Function

user-homedir-pathname &optional host    pathname

Arguments and Values:
host - a string, a list of strings, or :unspecific.

pathname - a pathname, or nil.

user-homedir-pathname determines the pathname that corresponds to the user's home directory on host. If host is not supplied, its value is implementation-dependent. For a description of :unspecific, see Section 19.2.1 Pathname Components.

The definition of home directory is implementation-dependent, but defined in Common Lisp to mean the directory where the user keeps personal files such as initialization files and mail.

user-homedir-pathname returns a pathname without any name, type, or version component (those components are all nil) for the user's home directory on host.

If it is impossible to determine the user's home directory on host, then nil is returned. user-homedir-pathname never returns nil if host is not supplied.

 (pathnamep (user-homedir-pathname))  true

Affected By:
The host computer's file system, and the implementation.

Allegro CL Implementation Details:
See What user-homedir-pathname does on Windows in implementation.htm for information on the implementation of user-homedir-pathname on Windows. Note the links are to the documentation for the current Allegro CL version. Replace /current/ in the URL with the Allegro CL version number to see similar documentation in earlier releases.

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