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Allegro CL
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  ANSI Common Lisp   11 Packages   11.2 Dictionary of Packages

11.2.17 unuse-package Function

unuse-package packages-to-unuse &optional package    t

Arguments and Values:
packages-to-unuse - a designator for a list of package designators.

package - a package designator. The default is the current package.

unuse-package causes package to cease inheriting all the external symbols of packages-to-unuse; unuse-package undoes the effects of use-package. The packages-to-unuse are removed from the use list of package.

Any symbols that have been imported into package continue to be present in package.

 (export (intern "SHOES" (make-package 'temp)) 'temp)   T
 (find-symbol "SHOES")   NIL, NIL
 (use-package 'temp)   T
 (find-symbol "SHOES")   SHOES, :INHERITED
 (find (find-package 'temp) (package-use-list 'common-lisp-user))  #<PACKAGE "TEMP">
 (unuse-package 'temp)   T
 (find-symbol "SHOES")   NIL, NIL

Side Effects:
The use list of package is modified.

Affected By:
Current state of the package system.

See Also:
use-package, package-use-list

Allegro CL Implementation Details:

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