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Allegro CL
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  ANSI Common Lisp   9 Conditions   9.2 Dictionary of Conditions

9.2.19 simple-condition-format-control, simple-condition-format-arguments Function

simple-condition-format-control condition    format-control

simple-condition-format-arguments condition    format-arguments

Arguments and Values:
condition - a condition of type simple-condition.

format-control - a format control.

format-arguments - a list.

simple-condition-format-control returns the format control needed to process the condition's format arguments.

simple-condition-format-arguments returns a list of format arguments needed to process the condition's format control.

 (setq foo (make-condition 'simple-condition
                          :format-control "Hi ~S"
                          :format-arguments '(ho)))
 (apply #'format nil (simple-condition-format-control foo)
                     (simple-condition-format-arguments foo))
 "Hi HO"

See Also:
simple-condition, Section 9.1 Condition System Concepts

Allegro CL Implementation Details:
See cl:simple-condition-format-arguments and cl:simple-condition-format-control in implementation.htm for information on the implementation of cl:simple-condition-format-arguments and cl:simple-condition-format-control. Note the links are to the documentation for the current Allegro CL version. Replace /current/ in the URL with the Allegro CL version number to see similar documentation in earlier releases.

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