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Allegro CL
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  ANSI Common Lisp   11 Packages   11.2 Dictionary of Packages

11.2.8 rename-package Function

rename-package package new-name &optional new-nicknames    package-object

Arguments and Values:
package - a package designator.

new-name - a package designator.

new-nicknames - a list of string designators. The default is the empty list.

package-object - the renamed package object.

Replaces the name and nicknames of package. The old name and all of the old nicknames of package are eliminated and are replaced by new-name and new-nicknames.

The consequences are undefined if new-name or any new-nickname conflicts with any existing package names.

 (make-package 'temporary :nicknames '("TEMP"))  #<PACKAGE "TEMPORARY">
 (rename-package 'temp 'ephemeral)  #<PACKAGE "EPHEMERAL">
 (package-nicknames (find-package 'ephemeral))  ()
 (find-package 'temporary)   NIL
 (rename-package 'ephemeral 'temporary '(temp fleeting))
 (package-nicknames (find-package 'temp))  ("TEMP" "FLEETING")

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