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  ANSI Common Lisp   14 Conses   14.2 Dictionary of Conses

14.2.15 list, list* Function

list &rest objects    list

list* &rest objects+    result

Arguments and Values:
object - an object.

list - a list.

result - an object.

list returns a list containing the supplied objects.

list* is like list except that the last argument to list becomes the car of the last cons constructed, while the last argument to list* becomes the cdr of the last cons constructed. Hence, any given call to list* always produces one fewer conses than a call to list with the same number of arguments.

If the last argument to list* is a list, the effect is to construct a new list which is similar, but which has additional elements added to the front corresponding to the preceding arguments of list*.

If list* receives only one object, that object is returned, regardless of whether or not it is a list.

 (list 1)  (1)
 (list* 1)  1
 (setq a 1)  1
 (list a 2)  (1 2)
 '(a 2)  (A 2)
 (list 'a 2)  (A 2)
 (list* a 2)  (1 . 2)
 (list)   NIL ;i.e.,  ()
 (setq a '(1 2))  (1 2)
 (eq a (list* a))  true
 (list 3 4 'a (car '(b . c)) (+ 6 -2))  (3 4 A B 4)
 (list* 'a 'b 'c 'd) ==(cons 'a (cons 'b (cons 'c 'd)))  (A B C . D)
 (list* 'a 'b 'c '(d e f))  (A B C D E F)

See Also:

 (list* x) ==x

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