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Allegro CL
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  ANSI Common Lisp   5 Data and Control Flow   5.3 Dictionary of Data and Control Flow

5.3.5 fmakunbound Function

fmakunbound name    name

[ 'ef'makEn'baünd ] or [ 'ef'mâkEn'baünd ]

Arguments and Values:
name - a function name.

Removes the function or macro definition, if any, of name in the global environment.

(defun add-some (x) (+ x 19))   ADD-SOME
 (fboundp 'add-some)  true
 (flet ((add-some (x) (+ x 37)))
    (fmakunbound 'add-some)
    (add-some 1))  38
 (fboundp 'add-some)  false

Exceptional Situations:
Should signal an error of type type-error if name is not a function name.

The consequences are undefined if name is a special operator.

See Also:
fboundp, makunbound

Allegro CL Implementation Details:

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