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Allegro CL version 10.0
New since the initial 10.0 release.


Arguments: &optional pathname

This function returns no values but as a side effect writes a file which is appropriate as the dxl-header argument to dumplisp. This function is similar to dribble, and can be used in a similar manner to dribble, except for the extra manipulation of the output file upon close of the dribble. It is recommended that this function not be mixed with dribble, since dribble doesn't know about the requirements of the dxl-header format.

With a pathname argument, a dribble file is started with a file by that name and a #\1 character is written to the file. Dribbling will progress normally until this function is called without the pathname argument, at which time spaces are filled in to complete the dxl-header and the size character is written to the beginning of the file.

dxl-header Format

The dxl-header argument to dumplisp, when non-nil, must specify a file which is an even multiple of 8192 octets long, up to (* 9 8192) octets in all. Each octet should be a latin-1 character, and the first character in the file must be one of the characters in the range from #\1 to #\9. When the lisp is dumped to a .dxl and then in a Unix-like shell the head command is used, the first parts of the dxl-header are shown.

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This page is new in the 10.0 release.
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Allegro CL version 10.0
New since the initial 10.0 release.