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Arguments: window &key fine-touch want-palm

Causes the specified window to receive touch messages thereafter, rather than gesture messages. (Gesture messages are otherwise received by default.) After calling this function, a series of calls to touch-event will be made for any touchscreen gesture, rather than calls to gesture-event.

If fine-touch is true, Microsoft says that the window then "prefers noncoalesced touch input". If nil or unspecified, then it does not. See Microsoft documentation for the meaning of coalesced.

If want-palm is nil or unspecified, then some events are delayed a bit in order to determine that some touches are inadvertent palm touches, which are then ignored and no call to touch-event occurs. When want-palm is true, this is not done and touch-event will be called even for palm touches. If you want the fastest possible response, then pass this as true.

This function can be called again on a window when touch gestures are already in effect, to simply change the values of the keyword arguments.

See also the touch-point class and About Touch Gesture Support in Common Graphics on Windows in cgide.htm.

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Allegro CL version 10.0
This page is new in 10.0.