Recorded Webcast: Real-Time Graph Search for Corporate Risk Mitigation

From July 25th, 2013

The management of partner relationships and the associated legal agreements for large projects continues to escalate in complexity. Currently, legal/risk experts have no tools to detect, monitor and manage risk that match this exploding complexity, velocity and data.

For example, contracts utilized for infrastructure construction represent some of the most complex of contracts and carries with them the successful creation of a bridge or a new multi-story building. With sub-contractors in the hundreds and the associated contracts to define how the project will be constructed in the 1000s of pages, the ability of a project manager to constantly be aware of impending risks, defaults, substantial potential litigation and damages has become virtually unmanageable.

Decomposing these complex relationships, via graph technologies, into discrete components and linking these components to relevant content, inside and outside of a corporation promises to facilitate real-time automatic calculation of risk, flagging of non-compliance and improve situational monitoring of projects.

In this presentation we discuss the graph based technologies that facilitate the ability to:

  • identify contractual risk in real-time
  • connect the adverse events with contract terms
  • improve process flow and improve on lessons learned

View a recording of the event here - 26 min.

Download the presentation slides here

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