Recorded Webcast: Gruff v5 - Tips and Tricks to become a Power User

From April 24, 2013

The free-form nature of Graph style data offers a lot of flexibility for connecting data, but that freedom can also make it more challenging to find interesting patterns or simply navigate through your data. It has become typical for RDF data sets to contain thousands of classes and relationship types, making it hard to even formulate the analytics and queries you want to perform.

Gruff, a visual analytics and discovery tool, was developed by Franz to specifically address these Graph data challenges in large data sets. Gruff lets you intelligently explore graphs in multiple views:

  • Graphical View - See the shape and density of your graph data
  • Tabular view - Understand objects as a whole
  • Outline view - Explore the often hierarchical nature of graphs
  • Query view - Write Prolog or SPARQL queries
  • Graphical Query Builder - Create queries visually via drag and drop

The new Gruff v5 uniquely offers users a powerful capability to mark an interesting visual pattern in the Graphical View and convert that automatically into a textual SPARQL or Prolog query. This query code generator operating in conjunction with new zoom in - out controls on Gruff's large graph visualization engine provides users with an unmatched graph discovery tool.

Join us for this webcast training session to learn how to:

  • Build SPARQL and Prolog Queries visually
  • Find Similar Patterns with auto generated SPARQL from the Graph View
  • Create and Edit RDF in the graph view
  • Discover new connections in your data
  • View Hierarchies and edit them directly
  • Explore the Linked Open Data Cloud

Gruff, a free tool, is simple to install and provides an easy on-ramp for non-technical users to engage the Semantic Web. Join us for this one hour training session.

View a recording of the event here - 70 min.

Download the presentation slides here

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