Recorded Webcast: Graph Search Using Ontologies and Content Intelligence

From Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

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Speakers: Jan Aasman, Franz & Matthieu Jonglez, Smartlogic

Graph Search, as recently popularized by Facebook, is also relevant to enterprise information management. Companies are looking to Graph solutions that facilitate understanding of the "connectedness" of their data and as a means to manage the complexity of relationships between elements of information. The Semantic Web has long promised the value of "The Graph" and offers a world of shared information usable beyond the boundaries of legacy applications, inflexible content silos and rigid organizational boundaries. Add in the volume, velocity and variety that is Big Data and we are now hitting stride for semantic technologies to deliver on the promise.

Using real client examples, this webinar demonstrates how organizations use two types of semantic application, namely Content Intelligence and Graph Databases to organize enterprise knowledge. There are many ways to use these technologies but one that is gaining momentum is to semantically classify unstructured documents using ontologies in order to draw new data connections and meaning from very large information sets.

In this talk we will demonstrate two projects where a combination of SKOS/OWL based models, entity extraction, rule based classification, search engines and an RDF Graph Database are used to create a semantic retrieval engine for unstructured documents that delivers new insights to the user.

The business benefits of these projects have included faster development of products; more rapid time to market; improved and more efficient maintenance procedures; new ways of working with information to service customers; enhanced data security and protection; lower cost adherence to compliance tasks.

View a recording of the event here - 43 min.

Download Franz's presentation slides here

Download Smartlogic's presentation slides here

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