Recorded Webcast: Big Data, Fast Data, and Complex Data - Defining and Overcoming Challenges

As Presented at NoSQL Now! 2012

October 3, 2012

Every day we speak with software engineers trying to find a productive approach for application development that requires a combination of BigData, Fast Data, and Complex Data solutions. In this presentation we will first describe when to use BigData solutions like Hadoop and Cassandra, then we will cover concepts around Fast Data solutions like in-memory graph databases, and finally we discuss use cases for Complex Data that thrive with Semantic Technologies.

The second part of this talk discusses a combined platform architecture for real time semantic entity tracking that needs the scale of Hadoop but also the speed of in-memory databases and the complexity of semantic technologies. We will discuss best practices for managing scalability solutions, ETL pipeline strategies, and complex event processing (CEP).

View a recording of the event here - 27 min.

Download the presentation slides here

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