Recorded Webinar: Generate SPARQL visually using Sentient and AllegroGraph

April 15, 2010

This Webinar will introduce attendees to the Sentient Tool Suite from IO Informatics as well as provide an overview of current developments with AllegroGraph. Franz and IO Informatics have recently completed a successful project at a Fortune 50 company and in the process have integrated their respective technologies to bring users a scalable platform for new knowledge discovery.

Attendees will learn how to explore RDF data by generating SPARQL queries visually using Sentient and AllegroGraph. We will cover best practices along with demonstrations using several example data sets. In addition, we will demonstrate incorporation and exploration of Linked Open Data to augment your existing datasets.

About Sentient Suite: The Sentient Suite allows users to assemble, view, analyze, and search disparate information in a common environment. Such data can be numeric values, images, spreadsheets, web content, public or private databases, or information from applications. The software facilitates access to all of the information pertaining to the discovery task, guaranteeing that no stone is left unturned and all evidence is considered when it comes to making crucial decisions.

About AllegroGraph: AllegroGraph is a modern, high-performance, persistent RDF graph database. AllegroGraph uses disk-based storage, enabling it to scale to billions of triples while maintaining superior performance. AllegroGraph supports SPARQL, RDFS++, Prolog, and numerous client interfaces (Java, C#, Python, Perl, Ruby, and Lisp)

View a recording of the event here.

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