Franz Tech Corner News: OpenGL bindings and the IE OLE interface

The Franz Tech Corner, September 21, 2006

In this issue:

1. OpenGL bindings update using SWIG 1.3.30
2. Exploring the Microsoft IE OLE interface
3. The 2007 International Lisp Conference
4. AllegroGraph Version 1.1 now available
5. Use it, don't lose it
6. ACL Training Schedule

1. OpenGL bindings update using SWIG 1.3.30

This is an update to the binding of the OpenGL foreign function
definitions by the current SWIG version 1.3.30. Older bindings will
continue to work, and users should be able to upgrade to these new
bindings with little or no changes to code.

2. Exploring the Microsoft IE OLE interface

This article uses ACL to explore the Microsoft Internet Explorer's OLE
interface with the ole:def-ole-linkage system and the more flexible,
but lower-level, remote-autotool system.

3. The 2007 International Lisp Conference

The Association of Lisp Users is pleased to announce its next
conference, the venue will be Clare College in the historic centre of
Cambridge, England. The conference will run from April 1st to 4th,

For more information on the conference and ALU membership:

4. AllegroGraph Version 1.1 is now available

AllegroGraph Version 1.1 uses a faster mechanism to store and retrieve
URI information. The new method also uses much less memory so that
larger RDF files can be loaded.

The triple store disk format has changed between release 1.0 and
release 1.1. Release 1.1 will not read 1.0 triple stores. The easiest
thing to do is to recreate your databases with the new version.

Performance numbers for the LUBM50 Benchmark:

General information:

5. Use it, don't lose it

Don't let the fiscal year end budget concerns distract you. Put your
remaining budget to good use by renewing your Allegro CL license
early. We can have other financial options available to assist.
Please contact for details.

6. Training Schedule

Allegro CL Certification Program - Basic and Intermediate courses
available. Next 3-day sessions:

- Basic, November 1, 8 and 15
- Intermediate, October 4, 11 and 18

Ask us about previously recorded programs that are available if you
are unable to attend the live course.

Make the most of your Allegro CL application by utilizing our
consulting services,

Lisp Jobs -

For more information about other Franz products and services, please
contact your product application manager or email

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