Franz Tech Corner News: AllegroGraph 1.0 Demo, June 29, 9:30 PDT

The Franz Tech Corner, June 22, 2006

In this issue:

1. AllegroGraph 1.0 Presentation and Demo, June 29, 9:30 PDT
2. Fair multiprocessing example
3. ACL 8.0 Student Edition is now available
4. Free ACL Express Edition is now available
5. Database Corner News: AllegroCache updates since May
6. Training Schedule

1. AllegroGraph 1.0 Presentation and Demo, June 29, 9:30 PDT

AllegroGraph 64-bit RDFStore
Efficiently Processing Billions of RDF Triples

AllegroGraph efficiently performs the three most important tasks for a
triple store: to load, store, and query data.

- Loading of triples, through its highly optimized RDF/XML and N-
Triples parsers, is best-of-breed, particularly on large files. With
just standard x86 64-bit hardware, it can load gigabytes of RDF data
in minutes.

- Storage is persistent, including between application launches in
on-disk binary trees. There is no additional serialization or
deserialization overhead.

- Querying is both flexible and performant. Multiple indices support
fast access through a simple triple-level API, Allegro Prolog, or
SPARQL (the emerging W3C standard RDF query language). When querying
for a particular subject with ten triples, AllegroGraph can retrieve
about 40,000 triples per second, from disk.

To attend the live, Webex, 2 hour presentation and demonstration of
AllegroGraph, please send an email message to

Seating is limited and available on a first come basis.

For more information on AllegroGraph:

2. Fair multiprocessing example

If you run multiple processes in a Lisp application, this example
illustrates how to efficiently allocate processor time between the
processes and how often to switch between processes. In this article,
we discuss the allocation issue and demonstrate a couple of ways to
control the frequency of process switching.

For details:

3. ACL 8.0 Student Edition is now available

With the recent release of Allegro CL 8.0 with AllegroCache Franz
Inc. has introduced the Student Edition for use by undergraduate
students enrolled full time at a degree granting institution.

The Allegro CL Student Edition is designed to provide a full featured
version of Allegro CL to compliment the classroom and laboratory usage
of Allegro CL by professors. The Student Edition provides everything a
student will need to truly experience the power of Allegro CL and

For details:

4. Free ACL 8.0 Express Edition is now available

For details:

If you are interested in using Allegro CL for a commercial project we
encourage you to contact to receive a complimentary
evaluation copy of our Enterprise or Enterprise Platinum
Product. These versions provide unlimited heap space and additional
functionality not included in the Free Express Edition.

5. Database Corner News: AllegroCache updates since April

The current release of AllegroCache is 1.1.9.

AllegroCache download page:

6. Training Schedule

Allegro CL Certification Program - Basic and Intermediate courses
available. Next 3-day sessions:

- Basic, July 12, 19 and 26
- Intermediate, August 2, 9 and 16

Ask us about previously recorded programs that are available if you
are unable to attend the live course.

Make the most of your Allegro CL application by utilizing our
consulting services,

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For more information about other Franz products and services, please
contact your product application manager or email

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