Subject: Franz Tech Corner News: A new fast, Perl-compatible Regular Expression API

A new fast, Perl-compatible regular expression matcher is now
available as a patch to 6.2 and 7.0.beta. The following bullets
describe some of the features of the new matcher:

- The new matcher uses Perl syntax, and is nearly feature completely
compatible with Perl. Only a few obscure features have not been

- Speed: the new matcher was designed to be fast. On the
CL-PPCRE test suite (with 1600+ tests) it is on average 30% faster
than Perl.

- Regular expressions can use the Unicode character set (UCS-2).

- Named capture for submatches. For example, (match-re
"(?<foo>ab)\\k<foo>\\k<foo>" "aabababa") returns the values t,
"ababab", and "ab".

For all of the details, visit the Franz Tech Corner:

Other bits:

1. Seminars around the world in the next month:

- Japan Seminar - 2-day Lisp seminar with tutorials & application
stories on June 10th and 11th, 2004, in Tokyo,

- European Lisp Seminar - Franz will be presenting "Lisp for
Service Oriented Architecture Programs" at the European Lisp and
Scheme Workshop, June 13 in Oslo,

- Web Services Seminar - Join us on June 23 at 10AM PDT to learn more
about Lisp based Web Services. Space is limited so send mail to to reserve your

- LUGoD Seminar - Join us July 6 at the Linux Users' Group of Davis
(CA) (LUGoD) monthly meeting for a discussion of Lisp based Web
Services. Visit the LUGoD website for more

2. Franz and Lisp in the press

(You will need to register, it is free)

3. Also, a reminder:

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Contact us to find out how you can cost effectively upgrade to Allegro
CL 6.2 and receive Allegro CL 7.0 at no additional charge when it is
released this Summer,

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