Franz Tech Corner News: New plot-widget in Common Graphics

The Franz Tech Corner, 1/20/2009

In this issue:

1. New plot-widget in Common Graphics
2. Free Webinar: New Advances in GeoTemporal Reasoning
3. ILC 2009 March 22-25, MIT - Call for Lightning Talks
4. European Lisp Symposium 2009 Milan, CFP deadline 1/25/09
5. Training Schedule

1. New plot-widget in Common Graphics

The plot-widget is a facility for creating two-dimensional plots of
X/Y coordinate pairs, such as scatter plots. This is in addition to
the existing chart-widget which can be used to draw bar charts and
line graphs. The plot-widget can be used to present static information
or to dynamically monitor information as it changes.

See here for an example and further details:

2. Free Webinar: New Advances in GeoTemporal Reasoning with

Thursday, January 22: 10:00 - 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time

Enterprises have begun utilizing semantic technologies and standards
for knowledge representation, knowledge access and discovery.
Combining this with GeoTemporal and Social Networking analytics is the
next stage of Business Intelligence. In this seminar, we will discuss
new advances with AllegroGraph's GeoTemporal Reasoning Capabilities
using KML-Google Earth and query techniques that include space, time
and people.

Register for this webinar at:

3. ILC 2009 March 22-25, MIT - Call for Lightning Talks

Registration for the International Lisp Conference is expected to be
open at the beginning of February.

The ILC organizers are looking for some good, short lightning talks
for the conference. If you, or anyone who you think will be attending
the conference might have a short talk to give, please send in a brief
description to

A short talk can be on anything bearing on Lisp, Scheme, or related
languages. It need not be on a profound topic or a research project.
It can be as simple as:

-- Here's a good application that we wrote in Lisp.
-- Here's a useful Lisp library that you might want to know about.
-- Here are some interesting things about my Lisp development tool.
-- I have this provocative/outrageous opinion.
-- Please give me feedback about this idea.
-- Alice and I will debate the following point.

The ideal duration is five minutes, but the talk could be extremely
short, or up to about ten minutes. There's no Q and A immediately
afterwards. You can meet up with interested people later to continue
talking, answer questions, etc.

Here's a good example web page about short/lightning talks:

and a longer one with advice:

For conference details:

4. European Lisp Symposium 2009 Milan, Italy May 27-29, 2009

Submission deadline coming soon: January 25, 2009

The European Lisp Symposium 2009 invites high quality papers about
novel research results, insights and lessons learned from practical
applications, and educational perspectives, all involving Lisp
dialects, including Common Lisp, Scheme, Emacs Lisp, AutoLisp, ISLISP,
Dylan, Clojure, etc.

For details:

5. Training Schedule

Allegro CL Certification Program - Basic and Intermediate courses
available. Next 3-day sessions in 2009:

- Basic, March 4, 11 and 18
- Intermediate, February 4, 11 and 18

Ask us about previously recorded programs that are available if you
are unable to attend the live course.

Make the most of your Allegro CL application by utilizing our
consulting services,

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