Franz Tech Corner News: Free Webinar: New source code stepper, Feb. 25

The Franz Tech Corner, February 16, 2010

In this issue:

1. Free Webinar: New source code stepper, Feb. 25
2. Allegro CL 8.2 has been released
3. New AllegroGraph 3.3, required to work with Allegro CL 8.2
4. Enterprise Data World Conference, March 14-18, San Francisco
5. SMP Allegro CL 9.0 - Call for Testers
6. European Lisp Symposium, May 6-7, Lisbon
7. Training Schedule
8. *** Franz celebrates the start of its 27th year - Thank you for
your continued support! ***

1. Free Webinar: New Source Code Stepper and Stepper Dialog
10:00 AM Pacific, Thursday, 2/25/10

**** One of the seminar attendees will win a free pass to the
Enterprise Data World Conference, March 14-18, San Francisco. See
item #4 for more info. ****

The new Allegro CL Source Stepper is an important addition to the
suite of debugging tools in Allegro CL. The source stepper displays
source code while stepping through a form. When using it with the IDE,
the source stepper is associated with the new Stepper Dialog. The
dialog is implemented on top of the base lisp's stepping facility,
which also has a textual interface that can be used in a lisp

In this webinar, we'll demonstrate this new source stepper,
concentrating on the IDE dialog, and also showing it in a lisp

For additional information and to register:

2. Allegro Cl 8.2 has been released

ACL 8.2 includes a new source level stepper, a new coverage testing
tool, the IDE for the MAC, and many other improvements. While the
release increment indicates a minor update from 8.1, we believe the
large number of enhancements and product updates will make it well
worth the upgrade.

For additional information:

3. New AllegroGraph 3.3, required to work with Allegro CL 8.2

AllegroGraph 3.3 will be available by the end of this week.
AllegroGraph users working with the Lisp edition will require this
release to work with Allegro CL 8.2.

AllegroGraph 3.3 will provide Mac support for Gruff, numerous
performance enhancements in SPARQL, Prolog, and Social Network
Analysis as well as support for N-Quads, filtered and graph-filtered
triple-stores, a larger max string table, and more.

A notification will be posted on the AllegroGraph Announcements RSS
feed, or follow up on Twitter.

4. Enterprise Data World Conference, March 14-18, San Francisco

Enterprise Data World is the business world's most comprehensive
vendor-neutral educational event about data and information
management. This year's program is bigger than ever before, with 200
hours of in-depth tutorials, hands-on workshops, practical sessions
and insightful keynotes to take you to the forefront of your
industry. Franz is a gold sponsor.

For more information and to register:

5. SMP Allegro CL 9.0 - Call for Testers

We will soon start our external testing program for the SMP version of
Allegro CL. It is the culmination of years of effort to deliver a
solid platform to our Enterprise customers that will allow Symmetric
execution of Lisp code on hardware with multiple cores. Our goal has
always been to support current and future Enterprise applications with
the greatest of ease for our customers.

Our current SMP effort is composed of an API that allows for a gentle
transition from the current, single-processor API to the new,
SMP-capable API. The new API contains facilities for efficient
object-level synchronization, the cornerstone of a useful SMP API,
including atomic property lists and hash-tables, as well as a macro
that anticipates future interaction with a parallel GC. The other main
component of our SMP implementation is making all of the available
Allegro CL libraries and implementation thread safe.

The roadmap for Allegro CL SMP includes SMP and non-SMP versions, to
allow for more gradual migration to SMP coding requirements. The
non-SMP version also allows users to avoid the overhead of SMP thread
safety entirely, if SMP would not significantly benefit the

If you haven't already, send me a message if you are interested in
testing Allegro CL 9.0:

6. European Lisp Symposium, May 6-7, Lisbon

The purpose of the European Lisp Symposium is to provide a forum for
the discussion and dissemination of all aspects of design,
implementation and application of any of the Lisp dialects. We
encourage everyone interested in Lisp to participate.

For information see:

7. Training Schedule

Allegro CL Certification Program - Basic and Intermediate courses
available. Next 3-day sessions in 2010:

- Basic, April 7, 14, and 21
- Intermediate, March 10, 17, and 24

Ask us about previously recorded programs that are available if you
are unable to attend the live course.

Make the most of your Allegro CL application by utilizing our
consulting services,

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For more information about other Franz products and services, please
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