Franz Tech Corner News: A simple SOAP interface in Lisp

The Franz Tech Corner, 2/18/2009

In this issue:

1. A simple SOAP interface in Lisp
2. Registration is open for ILC 09. Contest to win a free pass!
3. Free Webinar: Optimizing SPARQL for Diverse Ontologies
4. Onward! Call for Essays - Deadline: April 20
5. 2nd European Lisp Symposium 2009 - May 27-29 Milan, Italy
6. Training Schedule

1. A simple SOAP interface in Lisp

Doing even simple things in SOAP is often difficult because of SOAP's
complexity. As part of a project, we wrote a Lisp program to write our
interface code. This program, while specific to our project
requirements, can be adapted to different needs and requirements and
in any case shows how Lisp can be used to solve general programming

The program with a worked out example is described here:

2. Registration is open for ILC 09. Contest to win a free pass!

We will be awarding a free conference pass on February 26th. Enter the
contest here:

The early registration discount applies for registrations which are
paid in full on or before March 1, 2009. The final deadline for online
registration is March 15, 2009. Advance registration is strongly

3. Free Webinar: Optimizing SPARQL for Diverse Ontologies

11:00 AM Pacific, Thursday, March 5

There are two well known technical issues when reasoning with
ontologies that contain hundreds of thousands of classes/subclasses
and where change happens frequently.

The first problem, materializing type information, takes far too much
time. In some triple stores, materialization takes almost as long as
loading the data. Once an ontology changes, the entire materialization
process has to start over.

The second problem, optimizing a SPARQL engine for a reasoning triple
store, is more challenging than just using SPARQL as a retrieval
language. In a non-reasoning SPARQL engine, optimizing is relatively
straightforward, applying the right hash and sort joins once given the
statistics of the database when it reorders appropriately. However,
when SPARQL is used on top of a reasoner, suddenly additional
considerations are required. In practice, you only know the statistics
of each clause after you have done the reasoning.

This Webinar will discuss a new solution that mitigates or nearly
solves both problems. We will discuss some indexing techniques that do
not require materialization and we will cover how an ordinary
backtracking technique can be very fast with the right reordering.

Register for this webinar at:

4. Onward! Call for Essays - Deadline: April 20

An Onward! essay is a thoughtful reflection upon software-related
technology. Its goal is to help the reader to share a new insight,
engage with an argument, or wrestle with a dilemma. This year, the
conference committee is encouraging submissions from the Lisp
community. Reflections on reflection, dynamic languages, how Lisp has
affected other languages, the place for exotic (but lovable) languages
in our ecosystem, what programming is, how to create software, ... you
name it. Anything to do with software.

Onward! is co-located with OOPSLA in Orlando, Oct. 25-29, but they are
otherwise unrelated. OO is fine, but not required or even encouraged.

For more details on the essay call, and how to submit:

5. Upcoming Conference: 2nd European Lisp Symposium 2009 - May 27-29
in Milan, Italy

The purpose of the European Lisp Symposium is to provide a forum for
the discussion of all aspects of the design, implementation and
application of any of the Lisp dialects. We encourage everyone
interested in Lisp to participate.

For details:

6. Training Schedule

Allegro CL Certification Program - Basic and Intermediate courses
available. Next 3-day sessions in 2009:

- Basic, March 4, 11 and 18
- Intermediate, April 1, 8 and 15

Ask us about previously recorded programs that are available if you
are unable to attend the live course.

Make the most of your Allegro CL application by utilizing our
consulting services,

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