Subject: Franz Tech Corner News: Oracle Direct, DOM, and more Reg Ex

The Franz Tech Corner, August, 2004

1. A new Allegro CL interface to Oracle databases
2. Support for the Document Object Model (DOM) in Allegro CL
3. An update to the new Regular Expression API

1. Allegro Oracle Direct Connect is a new interface between Allegro CL
and Oracle databases (version 8 or higher). It uses the Oracle C
Interface (OCI) libraries from Oracle. The pre release is available by
patch to Allegro CL 6.2 and 7.0.beta customers. 7.0.beta customers can
try out the interface with their current license. Allegro CL 6.2
customers need an additional license, available from their account

More info:

2. Support for the Document Object Model (DOM) is now available in
Allegro CL. DOM provides a programmatic interface to XML and
HTML. Support for DOM Level 1 Core is now available by patch to
Allegro CL 6.2 and 7.0.beta customers. It is fully described in the
Document Object Model (DOM) Level 1 Specification (Second Edition),
Version 1.0, W3C Working Draft 29 September, 2000, available at

More info:

3. An update to the new Regular Expression API. Last month we released
a new Perl regular expression API module (see This
month, we release an update to that module which includes additional
functionality. The essay linked below provides a brief introduction to
the new functionality in the update. The document regexp.htm has been
updated as well and describes the additions to the API.

More info:

Other bits:

1. Lisp in the Press. I noticed Dan Romanchik's Book Review of
"Hackers and Painters" in this month's issue of Application
Development Trends, he mentions Lisp as the secret weapon:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: A review of "Hackers and
Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age"

2. Services

- Web Services Seminar - Set for September 15th at 10:00 am Pacific
time, Lisp for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Programming

- Allegro CL Certification Program - Basic and Intermediate courses
available. Next 3-day session: 8/18, 8/25, and 9/1,

- Make the most of your Allegro CL application by utilizing our
consulting services,

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