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 May, 2011
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Free Webinar: AllegroGraph - A General Purpose Graph DB
Querying a Trillion Triples - Semantic Technologies Conference
Gruff v3 - Triplestore Editing, RDFa, Graphical SPARQL
JavaScript for Stored Procedures
Semantic vs. NoSql Databases - Meetup on May 17th
Recent Database Trade Publication articles
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Free Webcast: AllegroGraph - A General Purpose Graph DB

10:00 AM Pacific, Thursday, May 12 

Recently, there has been significant interest in the application of graphs in different Website Icon - Graphdomains and while Franz's focus has been primarily in the Semantic Web domain, AllegroGraph is a general purpose graph database designed to store more than standard RDF. 

In April we presented an invited talk at GDM 2011 (International Workshop on Graph Data Management: Techniques and Applications) and discussed the capabilities of AllegroGraph as a general purpose graph engine.  During this webcast we will present our GDM 2011 material covering tips and techniques for using AllegroGraph as a general graph database.  We will also present some comparisons vs other graph databases and a Gremlin inspired graph traversal language. 

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Querying a Trillion Triples - Semantic Technologies Conference  

June 5-9 in San Francisco, CA.

A complex graph database query is a collection of two types of primitive operations: primitives that generate possible solutions and primitives that constrain those solutions by rejecting solutions that are invalid. One approach to a distributed query engine is running each primitive operation in its own process and creating a graph of these processes by linking them together with network streams.

Solutions flow from process to process, some primitives increasing the solution set and some reducing the solution set. Other processes in the graph perform operations on the solution stream such as sorting values or distributing values to database servers holding the best index for the next step. All processes potentially running at the same time if they have work to do. Out of the last process in the graph comes the solution to the query. The concepts we discuss work for SPARQL, Prolog, Common Logic and Social Network Analysis.

Attend SemTech to hear Jans Aasman give this talk. Also, Bill Guinn of Amdocs will be giving a talk on "The Next Generation Consumer Business - Semantically Enabled for Real-Time Intelligence"

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Gruff v3 - Triplestore Editing, RDFa, Graphical SPARQL

Gruff Lab
The RDF Browser, Gruff, continues to evolve its feature set with the recent major release of version 3.  Some of the exciting new features include Triplestore Editing for Creating and Deleting Triples, Capturing RDFa From Websites, and a Graphical Query View. For more information on these, and many other new features, and to download Gruff, see the Gruff website.

Gruff Website
JavaScript for Stored Procedures


The AllegroGraph RDF server can now be scripted using JavaScript. The easiest way to get started with this is to open a repository in AGWebView and select the 'Script' page from the navigation bar.

Documentation for using JavaScript with an AllegroGraph server 

Semantic vs. NoSql Databases: Getting what you want out of a database


Tuesday, May 17, 2011 6:30 PM at Microsoft Research, 1288 Pear Ave.,
Mountain View, CA
Silicon Valley Semantic Web Meetup
Learn about the distinctions, differences and practical applications of Semantic and NoSql Databases with the people that helped create them! Representing NoSql - Roger Bodamer of 10 Gen. Representing Semantics - Jans Aasman of Franz.

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________________________________________________________________  Recent Database Trade Publication articles

Information Management Newsletter article: "Will Triple Stores Replace Relational Databases?"


database Trends and Applications article, "NoSQL Option: Triplestore Databases"



Brief Highlights
Mark Watson's New book New book: Practical Semantic Web and Linked Data Applications,  Java, Clojure, Scala, and JRuby Edition
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Kino Project: Interdisciplinary research project between the faculties of Business Administration and Computer Science at Hochschule Darmstadt. Info

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