AllegroGraph News: Free Webinar: Create an Elastic RDF Store in Amazon's EC2

AllegroGraph News, June 5, 2008

In this issue:

1. Free Webinar: Create an Elastic RDF Store in Amazon's EC2
2. AllegroGraph 3.0 now available
3. The Learning Center updated for AllegroGraph 3.0
4. LinkedData Planet Conference, June 17 - 18
5. Additional upcoming conferences
6. Recorded Past Webinars

1. Free Webinar: Create an Elastic RDF Store in Amazon's EC2

10:00 AM Pacific Time, June 12, 2008

Your future knowledge store will be a collection of inter-related
triple-stores federated into an ever-changing whole. Scaling your
application in Amazon's EC2 is now easier than ever with
AllegroGraph's flexible architecture for creating 'federated knowledge
stores' on the fly. This EC2 enabled architecture allows for
transparent RDFS++ reasoning and SPARQL queries across Billions of RDF
triples. With AllegroGraph's GeoTemporal and Social Analytics package
it becomes the core platform for scaling your semantic web
application. Learn how you can leverage the power of EC2 and
AllegroGraph by attending this seminar.

Register for this seminar at:

2. AllegroGraph 3.0 now available

AllegroGraph 3.0 is now available to download. If you are working with
the pre release version, please update it to the current release.

Download the free version of AllegroGraph Java Edition Version 3.0

3. The Learning Center updated for AllegroGraph 3.0

The AllegroGraph Java Edition Learning Center has been updated to
include examples of working with the new Federation, Geospatial and
Temporal Primitives, and Social Network Analysis capabilities.

We've receiving tremendous feedback about the learning center being
used for courses and course material development. We would love to
hear more from you, please let us know.

4. LinkedData Planet Conference

June 17 - 18, New York City

LinkedData Planet's conference will provide industry professionals
with insights into the technologies that will enable them to connect
data contained in silos within organizations in a meaningful way, and
extract and correlate data from web sites and databases for purposes
such as analyzing trends and decision support, customer and vendor
relationship management, and social networking.

Franz is a silver sponsor of this new conference, and will be giving a
talk, "Improved Services Through Behavior and Activity Recognition".

For more information on the conference and to register:

5. Additional upcoming seminars

It's going to be a busy summer for us, we will be giving talks at
these upcoming seminars:

International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems (DEBS)
Rome, Italy - July 1 - 4

International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems and Web
Technologies (EISWT) Orlando, Florida - July 7 - 10

GeoWeb 2008 (GeoWeb) Vancouver, BC, Canada - July 21 - 25

IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC) Santa
Clara, CA - August 4 - 7

6. Recorded past Semantic Technologies Webinars

Also, you can visit the AllegroGraph Java Edition Learning Center here:

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