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Free Amdocs/Franz Webcast: Semantic Real Time Intelligent Decision Automation:       Thursday, December 16, 11:00 AM Pacific

December, 2010
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Free Amdocs/Franz Webcast: Semantic Real Time Intelligent Decision Automation
TopBraid Composer 3.4 plugin for AllegroGraph
RDFa - Capture From Websites - Gruff Lab
AllegroGraph 4.2 coming soon, prerelease available
Google AI Challenge winner, Gábor Melis, 1/20 Webinar
Semantics in Healthcare and Life Sciences (CSHALS) February 23-25
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Free Webcast: Semantic Real Time Intelligent Decision Automation

11:00 AM Pacific, Thursday, December 16th

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Featuring - Amdocs and Franz

In today's connected online world, to optimize a customer oriented business requires real time contextual customer knowledge across all business channels and relevant social and competitive forces. In complex, heavily customer-centric businesses such as
Telecommunications, Health Care, and Financial Services, the optimal business must understand how each action of the business and the individual customer relates to the profitability of the business and customer satisfaction.

The systems to accomplish this are proactive, they are predictive, they are personalized, and they learn to optimize their behavior for each individual customer. Today, Telecommunications and other large businesses can require the real time harmonization of 10 billion activities a day. We show a means to accomplish this with real time 24*7 semantic technology, capable of directly driving the largest businesses in the world. The results if this type of system can be amazing, including massive cost reductions in customer care, write-offs, retention, and improvements in customer satisfaction, up selling, and resource utilization. Bottom line profitability is improved, top line expansion is realized. Perhaps more important, the agility to accommodate business change and to differentiate is unprecedented.

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Braid Composer 3.4 Plug-in for AllegroGraph
Now available, the AllegroGraph plugin has been updated for the new TopBraid Composer version 3.4 release.

Installation Instructions

RDFa - Capture from websites - Gruff Lab
Gruff Lab
New in the lab is the ability to Load Triples by Extracting RDFa from a website. With a triple store open, you enter the URI of the web page that holds the triples in RDFa format. You can optionally specify the Named Graph to load the triples into, or use the default graph. You can then display the graph of the RDFa from multiple websites.

Go to the Gruff Lab

AllegroGraph 4.2 coming soon, prerelease available

AllegroGraph 4.2
Version 4.2 new features include:

    - Replication and Warm Standby enhancements
    - Encoded IDs. For most uses, they replace blank nodes
    - Soundex support for Freetext Indexing
    - SPARLQ Reasoning enhancements
    - Many improvements to AGWebView
    - Java client improvements
    - Bulk mode operation changes
    - Database Upgrade utility enhanced
    - Loading files in the Turtle (Terse RDF Triple Language) format
    - User-defined Triple Indices
    - Point-in-time Recovery
    - New GRUFF Graphical Query View and RDFa parser

See the Release Notes for all of the details

If you are interested in obtaining the pre release, or to be notified when it becomes
available from our download site, please send email to info@franz.com.

Free Webinar: G᢯r Melis - Google AI Contest Winner - Conversation and Presentation

Thursday, January 20, 10:00 AM Pacific
Gabor MelisJoin us for a conversation with G᢯r Melis', the 2010 Google AI contest winner, hosted by Dr. Jans Aasman.

Learn more about G᢯r's winning game strategies, opinions on Artificial Intelligence, finding Lisp, and what this means for the Semantic Web. G᢯r will present key AI algorithms from his winning entry and take questions from the audience.

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Conference on Semantics in Healthcare and Life Sciences (CSHALS)

February 23-25, Cambridge/Boston, MA
CSHALS Feb 24-26 Cambridge, MA
CSHALS is the premier annual event focused on the use of semantic technologies in the pharmaceutical industry, including hospitals / healthcare institutions and academic research labs.

Jans Aasman will be presenting new research in the field.

Conference Information

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Mark Watson's New book New book: Practical Semantic Web and Linked Data Applications,  Java, Clojure, Scala, and JRuby Edition
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Kino Project: Interdisciplinary research project between the faculties of Business Administration and Computer Science at Hochschule Darmstadt. Info

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