Allegro SET - Semantic Entity Tracker

Big Data, Fast Data, & Complex Data -

Add a Brain to all your Data

What if:

  • Your business could anticipate the activity of an Entity (think - customer,smart phone component, employee, etc) in your organization
  • Your business could track the mostinteresting entity interactions in real-time
  • Your team could spend more time exploring entity relationships rather being buried in heterogeneous data problems?

Allegro SET is a closed-loop, self-learning system that lets you:

  • See what happens, when it happens
  • Understand what it means to your business
  • Take action and enforce business policy.....
                             automatically, intelligently and in business real-time

The Allegro SET Architecture

The Allegro SET Architecture brings together several new technologies:

  • Complex event processing
  • Semantic inference engine
  • RDF-based triple store and ontologies
  • Bayesian Belief Network
  • Entity Extraction
  • Modern ETL orchestration
  • And more

Collection of Events in Real Time

  • Collects published events
  • Convert event messages to RDF triples/quads
  • Determine relationships of class to properties for this individual (instance)

Decision Engine

The Decision Engine Transforms events into a knowledge graph about an entity.

  • Orchestrates
    • Update triples
    • Read triples
    • Invoke Bayesian Belief Network
    • Invoke Reasoner
      • Inferences
      • Rules
  • Determines meaningful concepts
  • Correlates multiple raw events
  • Aggregates Information
  • Enrichment if necessary
  • Publish action message(s)

Allegro SET is redefining operational decision making:

  • Real Time: platform for continuous situational awareness
  • Semantic: operates on complete view of decision factors
  • Humanized: solutions for business analysts
  • Comprehensive: awareness and intelligent management of every interaction
  • Consistent: applies business policies consistently, across the board
  • Predictive: anticipates issues and foresees future events
  • Proactive: prevents problems before they occur

Semantic Entity Tracker Comparison


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