Release notes to RacerPro Version 1.9.0

Version 1.9.0, Build 20051205

The rule language support introduced with this release bases on the SWRL syntax. However, RacerPro does not fully support SWRL in all aspects of A-Box reasoning. Rather a rule language with a so-called "autoepistemic semantics" is supported.
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements in the RacerPro kernel
  • SWRL syntax based rule language
  • New Emacs-style editor within RacerPorter with direct link to RacerPro for evaluation of expressions and files
  • File transmission now possible from RacerPorter to RacerPro
  • Import of OWL files significantly faster
  • nRQL enhancements
  • Server-based time measurements made possible
Please proceed to the following section which covers hints and usage tips for the previous version. The information given there is still true for this current release.

Version 1.8.1, Build 20050629

  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements in the RacerPro kernel
  • Problem with temporary files solved
  • Issue with nominals solved
  • File handling problem fixed (applies to ACL version only)
  • Problem while printing debug information fixed (LW version only)
  • Minor nRQL problems solved
  • Minor bug fixes in RacerPorter
  • Version 1.8.0, Build 20050605

    This information is also part of the ReadMe document available on your personal download page, on the Mac OS X disk image next to the installer package, is presented by the installer applications during installation, and is included in the dokumentation folder after installation as well.

    Installer version vs. single-file executable

    RacerPro is being delivered using a certain deployment system (ACL). You'll also recognize "ACL" noted next to the build code given for the programs on your personal download page. If you download the installer from our website you'll use the ACL-based version of RacerPro kernel. However, Racer was formerly available using another deployment system (LW) which works slightly different than ACL. E.g. it allows one-file executables. We decided to also make the LW-based RacerPro kernel executable available to you: please look for a ZIP-compressed executable at the lower end of your personal download page. Because this program comes without installer and support files you have to do the installation process yourself. If you are in doubt which version to use, try the installer version.

    Command line options esp. for Windows version

    The ACL-based RacerPro for the Windows platform has several command line options which work slightly different than documented in the manuals. E.g. you can invoke help by starting RacerPro +p -- -help and for using RacerPro in a batch file (without console) you can use RacerPro +c -- -f [input.racer] -q [query.racer] -o [output.racer];. To make RacerPro a more convenient processor for use within batch files or from the command line the Windows installer also adds the installation directory to the PATH system environment variable.

    Logging and Dump system state to logfile on error

    There is a new debug option enabled in this release which will write some internal status information into a file. The contents of the file may help the developers supporting you if you report a problem. To switch the debug option on RacerPro is started as follows: ./RacerPro -log "[path-to-logfile]" -debug; or under Windows RacerPro.exe -- -log "[path-to-logfile]" -debug. If you do not provide a filename for the logfile then, the output is written into "racer.log" next to the RacerPro executable.

    Network ports

    RacerPro opens TCP ports 8080 and 8088 to communicate with remote clients like RacerPorter or Prot駩. If the preset port numbers interfere with other services on your machine or network, please consult the manuals how to change the setting with the help of command line options.


    This release of RacerPro also includes RacerPorter for the first time. RacerPorter is a new part of the RacerPro system and works as a stand-alone application. If your application is covered by a Network or Site license you may use RacerPorter on a computer separate from the RacerPro kernel. Hence the intended client system might be of a different platform than the server system. Because the RacerPro download package only contains the executables for one platform you may miss the RacerPorter for the desired client platform. Please contact us to learn how to obtain an additional RacerPorter for Windows, Linux x86 or Mac OS X.

    We apologize for not providing a manual for RacerPorter along with this initial release, but you'll find some hints on using RacerPorter right after starting the application below the welcome messages.

    File type associations

    This version of RacerPro as well as RacerPorter includes associations with the file types .racer and .owl on the Windows and Mac OS X platforms and the installer packages include information about the file types and icons. However, the opening of files in RacerPorter is not yet fully supported and tested in all conceivable circumstances. The best way to open files is to load them with the functionality directly provided in the user interface of RacerPorter. Double-clicking .racer and .owl files from the Explorer or the Finder sometimes results in unexpected behaviour of RacerPorter.

    Note on OWL knowledge bases loaded via DIG vs. loaded directly

    Third pary tools which utilize the DIG interface (e.g., Protégé) might use a Java-based converter from OWL to DIG. The converter approximates OWL by translating it to DIG but the semantics may be changed. If the same OWL knowledge base is loaded directly into RacerPro, the semantics of OWL are obeyed (indeed, with very few restrictions). This difference in loading a knowledge base may cause differing answers when queries are compared.

    Example files provided with Installer versions

    The installer packages for Windows and Mac OS X also include a folder of example files which will help following the explanations in the user guide.

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