RacerPro Questions and Bug Reports

As a RacerPro customer you may send your questions to: racer-support@franz.com

When submitting a bug report or a question about a RacerPro, please attach the logfile to your e-mail.

How to enable logging for complete bug report

Logging is enabled by starting the executable as follows: RacerPro.exe -- -log "[path-to-logfile]" -debug or under Unix .RacerPro -log "[path-to-logfile]" -debug If you do not provide a filename for the logfile then by default the output is written into "racer.log" next to the RacerPro executable.

Please include this information in your correspondence:

  • Your name and the name of your organization
  • Your contact data including telephone number
  • The RacerPro build number
  • Your transaction ID or the short license string
  • A description of your problem and the environment where it occured

We may need additional information about your setup or some of the data files you process to reproduce the reported error condition. Problems will be solved more quickly if you provide such information when requested.

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