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The Gruff Lab is the place for an early look at new features coming soon.

Spring Layout View

Gruff was originally designed to view and investigate portions of the graph using a constraint-based algorithm which specialized in avoiding any overlapping between nodes and links This makes viewing the graph more usable and clear (to the user) which nodes are linked by each link line.

The constraint-based algorithm while better for clear viewing of the graph requires more RAM when you want to view a very large graph on screen. With Gruff v5 we have added a spring layout algorithm which is used for larger graphs to find a layout much more quickly, though it does not attempt to prevent nodes from overlapping link lines.

The two approaches are configurable via the Gruff commands so the user can define when the layout will switch from a constraint-based algorithm that's used for smaller graphs to a spring algorithm that's used for larger graphs.


There are no Gruff lab downloads at the current time.

Data files

Gov N-triples data file: gov.ntriples.bz2 or gov.ntriples.zip.

Actors N-triples data file: actors.ntriples.bz2 or actors.ntriples.zip.


Unpack the files. On Windows run gruff.exe, and on Linux run gruff. The documentation is in the file doc.html.


If you have questions or comments, please contact us at support@franz.com.

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