Gruff Installation



On Windows the download file is a zip file. Extract the files to your preferred location. Run gruff.exe to start Gruff.


On Linux the download file is a tar.gz file. Extract the files to your preferred location.

NOTE: Gruff requires GTK 2.8 or later which is included with many current Linux distributions. Please refer to your distribution's documentation for details on installing a compatible GTK version.

Execute the file gruff to start Gruff.

Mac OS X

Note: users upgrading to Mac OS X 10.10, you must reinstall XQuartz after the OS upgrade, as the upgrade breaks any current XQuartz install. Get the new version from

On Mac OS X the download file is a dmg file. Open the file and copy the application to /Applications.

When you first run Gruff from the Finder, after copying it to /Applications, it will check for X11 and GTK. If they are not installed, then Gruff will guide you through the installation of these required components.


For Windows and Linux, the documentation is in the file doc.html in the folder where you extracted the files. On Mac OS X, the file is in /Applications/

You can also view it here on our website.

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