Amdocs: AIDA - Semantic Real Time Intelligent Decision Automation

AIDA Overview

In today's connected online world, to optimize a customer oriented business requires real time contextual customer knowledge across all business channels and relevant social and competitive forces. This knowledge must be used to control the intended outcome of each business transaction. In complex, heavily customer-centric businesses such as Telecommunications, Health Care, and Financial Services, the optimal business must understand how each action of the business and the individual customer relates to the profitability of the business and customer satisfaction. This is possible if systems holistically see what is going on in real time, determine the meaning of these activities, and in-stream decide and take the optimal action which maximizes profit and customer stickiness. Every business function should be coordinated and driven through a complete awareness of the business theatre.

The systems to accomplish this are proactive, they are predictive, they are personalized, and they learn to optimize their behavior for each individual customer. Today, Telecommunications and other large businesses can require the real time harmonization of 10 billion activities a day. We show a means to accomplish this with real time 24/7 semantic technology, capable of directly driving the largest businesses in the world. The results if this type of system can be amazing, including massive cost reductions in customer care, write-offs, retention, and improvements in customer satisfaction, up selling, and resource utilization. Bottom line profitability is improved, top line expansion is realized. Perhaps more important, the agility to accommodate business change and to differentiate is unprecedented.

Amdocs presentation at the 2010 Semantic Technologies conference

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"In today's connected online world, customer-orientated business requires real-time contextual knowledge across all business channels and relevant social and competitive forces. Semantic technologies such as Franz’s AllegroGraph database, can enable real-time, 24/7 customer insight that is both predictive and personalized for each customer. When used to power a decision engine in the transactional flow of business, cost reductions in customer care, leaps forward in customer satisfaction, and significant improvements in product uptake can result."

Bill Guinn, CTO of Amdocs Product Enabler Group

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