AllegroGraph Editions

AllegroGraph is available in three editions as noted in the table below:

Version Limit #Triples
Free < 5 Million
Developer < 50 Million
Enterprise Unlimited

The AllegroGraph Software License Agreement for Commercial Users (.pdf).

AllegroGraph Server for Developer or Enterprise customers is made available via a secure FTP location after purchase. The clients for the Developer and Enterprise are available from the Client Download page.

If you would like to evaluate an Enterprise Edition, please contact us at +1-510-452-2000, ext. 300 or email:


AllegroGraph Lisp Edition

Current Allegro CL (Common Lisp) customers with supported Allegro CL licenses can use AllegroGraph with Allegro CL by downloading the Lisp Client and AllegroGraph. Please see the installation documentation.

If you would like to evaluate an AllegroGraph Enterprise Edition for Lisp you will need to contact us for a new license file (i.e. devel.lic) that will permit you to install the AllegroGraph Enterprise version.

AllegroGraph Lisp Edition Architecture

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