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Web 3.0 Learning Center for AllegroGraph Developers Announced

November 6, 2007: Franz Inc. today announced the release of its new Learning Center for Java developers interested in creating scalable applications for the Semantic Web, (Web 3.0). The new AllegroGraph Learning Center is designed to facilitate understanding of RDF database technologies and best practices for AllegroGraph, a high-performance, persistent triple store for saving and querying billions of RDF triples in real-time. The Learning Center is initially targeted for Java developers but in the near future Franz will be releasing similar Learning Centers for Ruby and Python developers to facilitate their use of AllegroGraph for Web 3.0 applications. The AllegroGraph Learning Center is available at Franz's website -

The AllegroGraph Learning Center contains many concise examples for working with RDF triples, Triple Store and Server Management, Querying with SPARQL, Reasoning with RDFS++, and Prolog. It also makes available in a convenient place many of the popular public RDF datasets and benchmarks. The software examples all are freely downloadable and work with a freely downloadable version of AllegroGraph. "As developers begin to integrate Semantic Technologies in the Enterprise,", states Franz CEO Jans Aasman, "we anticipate education and training to become a key component for successful implementations. In addition, as Universities begin to add courses in Semantic Technologies, we envision the Learning Center becoming a valuable learning supplement in education".

The Semantic Web RDF standard from W3C is widely used in government, enterprises, bioinformatics, and telecommunications. Its simplicity and flexibility makes it suitable for representing any structured or unstructured information. However, in real-world applications the number of RDF triples can easily grow into hundreds of millions or even billions, making it difficult to process efficiently with traditional tools such as relational or object databases. AllegroGraph Enterprise Edition is unparalleled in its scalability and speed to load, store, and query data, often an order of magnitude faster than other persistent solutions.

Franz Inc., based in Oakland, California, is the leading supplier of commercial persistent and scalable RDF Graph Database products. AllegroGraph RDFStore provides the solid storage layer for powerful reasoning and ontology modeling capabilities. Franz's semantic technology solutions are uniquely positioned to help bring your Web 3.0 ideas to reality.

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