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Lisp applications create solutions to Business-to-Business (B2B) challenges.

Franz Inc. working with e-commerce leaders to provide more sophisticated products and services.

Berkeley, CA, July 27, 2000Franz Inc. today announced that Commerce One, Inc. (NASDAQ: CMRC) will leverage Lisp and Franz Inc.'s cutting-edge Allegro CL® development environment to increase the power of Commerce One's Content Services Solutions.

"More and more companies are discovering the powerful and unique solutions that Allegro CL and Lisp can provide over other technology," says Fritz Kunze, CEO of Franz Inc. "Commerce One is using these products to add important services to its e-commerce applications."

Critical properties inherent in Lisp make it a great solution for the B2B e-commerce arena. Lisp's internal list-based structure makes catalog-like applications easy to program, enabling the consolidation and standardization of multiple information sources. Furthermore, applications can be modified while they are running, eliminating revenue-losing downtime.

The B2B marketplace is rapidly expanding and changing. Buyers and sellers are faced with long, labor-intensive and expensive processes for data aggregation and maintenance. Commerce One's Content Engine provides product information management services for buyers, suppliers, and Internet market makers, vastly improving the economics of content aggregation in the B2B e-commerce marketplace. By using Lisp, it is expected that Commerce One customers will be able to easily modify and customize the Commerce One Content Engine.

"We believe that Lisp provides significant benefits in terms of rapid development, ease of modification, unparalleled debugging capabilities, and the ability to dynamically modify remote software installation with service updates," said Amos Barzilay, Vice President of Content and Supplier Services of Commerce One. "Allegro CL's long-standing position in the industry, ODBC integration capabilities, and strong customer support made it the Lisp product of choice for Commerce One."

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