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Franz Inc. Releases Web Server.

AllegroServe dynamically generates HTML, enabling developers to easily build and manage complex, customized web sites.

Berkeley, CA, May 24, 2000Franz Inc. announced today the release of its new web server, AllegroServe, under open source licensing.

Franz Inc.'s AllegroServe responds to consumer demand for greater functionality and customization from server-based applications, allowing developers to build complicated web sites that generate HTML dynamically and create a unique response for each inquiry.

Common Lisp technology makes AllegroServe more powerful and scalable than other web servers, opening up new areas of opportunity for web site developers. Using AllegroServe, site administrators can continuously update information, change functionality, perform complicated calculations and generate customized, current information.

"It's not enough to simply provide information anymore," says Fritz Kunze, CEO of Franz Inc. "People want information based on their individual situation and needstatic, 'brochure' sites just can't do that. Even more exciting, with AllegroServe, changes can even be made to the system while it's running. Fixes can be made and implemented immediately, without downtime."

AllegroServe open source licensing is intended to showcase the power that Common Lisp brings to web-based applications, while providing developers with the ultimate learning tool. "The core product will always be available through open source licensing and we look to the development community to provide inspiration and enhancements" says John Foderaro, Chief Architect of AllegroServe. "Plus, we're committed to supporting AllegroServe with the same premium level service for which Franz Inc. is known."

"Just about anyone can benefit from the power of AllegroServe," adds Richard Barber, VP of Technology. "Developers already building applications using development environments such as Allegro CL, can completely web-enable their application with just a few lines of code. Plus, online examples have been provided for those interested in learning more about the technology."

Franz Inc. is the leading vendor of dynamic object-oriented development tools featuring Allegro Common Lisp/CLOS. Based in Berkeley, California, Franz Inc.'s products enable software developers to build flexible and scalable applications quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Founded in 1984 and privately held, Franz Inc. has demonstrated consistent growth and profitability since its inception.

For more information about Franz Inc.'s products and services, call 1(510) 548-3600, or email: AllegroServe is available via Open Source license at

Allegro CL is a registered trademark and AllegroServe is a trademark of Franz Inc.

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